WINner Tweak

WINner Tweak

WINner Tweak — пакет для настройки и оптимизации Windows NT/2000/XP. Включает в себя многофункциональный твикер для настройки параметров системы, утилиту для очистки жесткого диска, менеджер автозагрузки, а также Uninstall Manager и генератор паролей.

Disable MSN Instant Messenger (System Tune-Up > Software > Messenger)Disable SSDP Discovery in Windows Messenger (System Tune-Up > Software > Messenger)

MSN/Windows Messenger Security (System Tune-Up > Software > Messenger):


Disable whiteboard and application sharing

Disable the file Transfers

Disable PC to PC Audio

Disable PC to Phone Audio

Disable Video

Prevent Auto Update

Prevent Background Download

Prevent Consumer Version

Disable the Task Switching

Change size of the Coolswitch popup (Columns and Rows)

Use Windows Update Without Registration (System Tune-Up > Windows > Windows Update)

Restrict Access to the Windows Update Feature (System Tune-Up > Windows > Windows Update)

Disable Menu Bars and the Start Button (System Tune-up -> Security -> Start Menu)

Manage Driver Signing (System Tune-up -> Hardware -> Device Manager)

Enable/Disable Snap To Default Button (System Tune-up -> Hardware -> Input Devices)

Disable the Thumbnail Cache (System Tune-up -> Windows -> Desktop)

Disable Tool Tip Displays (System Tune-up -> Windows -> Desktop)

Allow only selected applications to run (System Tune-up -> Security -> Applications. This option gives the ability to restrict the applications that can be run by users on a workstation)

Change Disk Drives Icons (System Tune-up -> Windows -> Icons)

Prevent Access to the Contents of Selected Drives (System Tune-up -> Security -> Drive(s), This restriction prevents users from using My Computer or Explorer to access the content of selected drives. Also, they cannot use Run, Map Network Drive, or the Dir command to view the directories on these drives)

Disable Background disk defragmentation (System Tune-up -> Hardware -> Disk Drive(s))

Disable Background auto-layout (System Tune-up -> Hardware -> Disk Drives)

Manage the Windows Prefetcher Service (System Tune-up -> Windows -> Startup)

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