Writer’s Cafe

Writer's Cafe

Writer’s Cafe— комплект инструментов программного обеспечения для всех авторов беллетристики, опытныx или только начинающиx. Основа Writer’s Café — StoryLines, мощный, но простой в использовании инструмент, который помогает в создании и структурировании вашего романа или сценария. Разработанный романистом Гарриетом Смартом, он включает записную книжку, журнал, органайзер исследования, набор упражнений, и e-книгу с 60 страницами, “ Беллетристика: Факты ”, включающую 20-летний опыт автоора.

Writer’s Cafe предназначен, чтобы быть развивать воображение, делая написание беллетристики легким в исполнении.

Drag and drop cards
Arrange your ideas graphically in cards, along as many tracks as you wish
Enter as much or as little as you like
Each card holds a description, plus optional information: time, location, annotation, dialogue, and an image.
Dialogue highlighting as you type
If you’re typing a play or screenplay, StoryLines can colour your dialogue, understanding elements such as cues, action, and transitions (Windows only).

Text import
Import existing text, and rapidly create new cards from selected paragraphs.

Instant reports
As soon as you have made an edit, a linear version will be updated in the Report window; you can choose from a selection of report styles, each with its own preview to help you see how it will format your project.

Outline view
You can see an outline tree view to the left of your tracks window, for quick navigation

File export
Export your project in report form to your favourite word processor or screenwriting software, in OpenOffice writer, plain text or HTML format

Make HTML Help books
Export your project to Windows HTML Help format (on Windows) or cross-platform HelpView HTML Help (all platforms).

Story details
StoryLines provides fields for you to fill in important aspects of your story, such as genre, concept, pitch and so on.

Character profiles
Add details about each of your characters with the Character Profiles tool.

Story locations
Describe each of your locations with the Story Locations tool.
Copy and paste
Copy or cut a card or several cards, and paste to the appropriate place in your project.

Store cards that don’t yet have a home in a Pocket, for placing on a storyline later.
Undo/redo your major edits, all the way back to where you last saved the project

Online help
Comprehensive online help is supplied, as well as tooltips and context-sensitive help for dialogs. Check out the Quick Tour for a bird’s eye view of StoryLines.

Highly customizable
Tailor the way your project looks by changing fonts, colours and even use bitmap tiles for the tracks window and cards; hide windows that you don’t need
Keyboard shortcuts for high-speed editing
Use keyboard shortcuts to make editing your projects fast and natural