Plugaid will bring trackbacks to MySpace, Xanga

Plugaid is an innovative and easy way for bloggers using systems that don’t support automatic trackback discovery to show the conversations that their posts are a part of. The tool targets systems like MySpace, Xanga and I think it will be very welcome there.

It uses embeded flash to display participating blog posts discussing a particular post, with drop down excerpts and links to the full posts. The photo of each linking blogger is also displayed if available. Users must provide nothing more than a password that can be used to remove the link from the display if they wish to do so later.

На их улице тоже будет (MySpace, Xanga and, кажется, праздник, правда только в альфа версии. А то без трэкбэков, конечно, немного неудобно жить блоггерам

Plugaid will bring trackbacks to MySpace, Xanga


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