Google. Нас ждет поиск голосом?

Google готовится к поиску голосом:
Google Execs Hint at Voice Recognition Services and Devices

"I think that voice technology is going to become advanced along in five years where you will be able to talk to search engines…Computers are going to show up in strange and useful places. BMW come September will have computers on board every single one of its cars…imagine driving on a road and saying 'I need to find the nearest fast food restaurant.' There's a lot of interesting things that can happen."

Expect Google to make a run at making its search services available in places we can't even think about now. There are billions of people, particularly in developing nations, that have cars and cell phones but don't use computers. That's a huge market for Google and these comments certainly make it seem like they are serious about reaching these pockets. So serious, in fact, that they may even launch their own cheap devices to do so.

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