Почему люди покупают пиратское ПО?

Why then do people still purchase pirated software? In most developing and third world countries, the cost of the originals can be staggering. A genuine copy of Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition costs the equivalent of a month’s worth of meals, and the cost of adopting new technology is extremely high, prohibiting most people to settle for a cheaper option. Why fork out around US$50 for an original game when a pirated copy (complete with the latest cracks and updates) is available for just US$1.30? PlayStation 2 games are going for less than US$1 per DVD disc, while movies on dual-layered DVDs cost roughly US$2 each.This places a vast majority of the world in a Catch 22 situation – unless software costs are lowered and made affordable in the local currency, piracy will continue to thrive. Unfortunately, developers refuse to budge and lower the prices of genuine copies as they claim that the only way of doing so would be a higher adoption rate of original software, going by economy of scale.

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