Diggol, 225th digg style application

Diggol, 225th digg style application

An other digg style to highlight: Diggol, for feeds, a bit like Spotback. It has all the features you would expect and more: voting, comments, categories, tags and custom filtered topics. It's nearly a single page application, all links are javascript, and some do not requier page loads nor URL changement.

Videos and podcasts have thumbshots:
diggol screenshot

And a topic map and a trend graph!

diggol map diggol graph

"DIGGOL is founded by partners with extensive experience in technology innovations, marketing and business development in both US and China, and has offices in Irvine, California and Xi'an, China. Diggol has been developing its core technologies since early 2003."

You can import an OMPL file, manually enter a group of feeds and set privacy levels.
I'll try this one for a while. Let's see how good is the filtering.