Picasa + Google Earth (geotag)

Описание (tutorial, точнее), как привязать свое фото с помощью Picasa к Google Earth. Заодно можно почитать о достоинствах-недостатках этого инструмента.

I’m completely impressed. The process manages to combine absolute ease of use with all the power that Google Earth now musters. It took me no time at all to pinpoint seven photos to within a meter’s accuracy, and I found myself smiling at the ingenuity of it all.

Ogle Earth: A blog about Google Earth. « Picasa + Google Earth = bliss »

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Установка WordPress локально под Windows XP

Here's a little guide that will help you install and run WordPress locally on your XP box in less then 10 minutes:

[Geeks are Sexy] technology news: Installing WordPress Locally Under Windows XP

Я давно хотел проделать такое, да все знаний не хватало. Надо поэкспериментировать. 

Creating a Glitter Frame

Tutorial (v7):
Creating a Glitter Frame *PLUS* Making a Selection to Use on Multiple LayersThis is an intermediate tutorial, but can be attempted by anyone, even a beginner. Actually, beginners may learn useful ways of working with layers and selections. This tutorial requires both PSP7 and AS3.We’ll be learning two things during this tutorial.First, we’ll learn how to create a glitter frame for an image, specifically an icon. (It’s a lovely effect that can enhance any image.)

psp7_beginners: Tutorial (v7): Creating a Glitter Frame *PLUS* Making a Selection to Use on Multiple Layers

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Tutorial: Pixelation
Hi! I just joined a v short time ago.. so out of boredom, I decided to make a quick little tutorial for you (:

Tutorial copyright me.

Image copyright gettyimages.com with some edits from me on account of it being dreadfully blurry and pixelly.
Notes: some images have been resized by tinypic.com

psp7_beginners: Tutorial: Pixelation

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